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Child Specialist for Divorce

Child Specialist
Minimize the Effects of Divorce on Children with a Child Specialist.

We understand that if you're divorcing and you have children, the way it effects them is truly of great concern. Research indicates that regardless of their ages, divorce is stressful for children - but understanding and addressing their needs can significantly reduce the stress and improve the likelihood of healthy long-term adjustment.

As you know – divorce is not an everyday event. Most parents don't have expertise in this area, so parenting can often become a source of conflict. In the midst of divorce, it can be difficult to have emotional distance and intellectual objectivity, and rarely does one parent credit the other with perfect judgment and indisputable positions. In the Collaborative process a Child and Parenting Specialist (CPS) can really help.

The CPS offers a range of services related to the children in divorcing and divorced families. From those that are routinely provided, to those that are specific to a given situation, these services are available at any point throughout the divorce process and beyond.

Early services include:
– Education of both parents on the range of effects of divorce on children and on the factors that impact child adjustment.
– Helping parents recognize children’s reactions that may not be outwardly apparent.
– Consultation on communication that affects the child (with the child, with each other, with outsiders such as school personnel, and extended family.)
– Consultation on constructive methods of dealing with conflict.
– Consultation on, or development of, a Parenting Plan responsive to the needs of the particular children.
– Assessment of and consultation on addressing special needs in the context of divorce.

Later services include:
– Consultation on introduction of new relationships and lifestyle change
– including re-marriage and step-families.
– Measuring the effects of geographic and/or school changes.
– Consultation regarding economic changes.

Engagement of a Child and Parenting Specialist early in the Collaborative process can bring both parents together on subjects related to their children. Developing a relationship with this professional can also provide neutral, trusted assistance with unforeseen issues that could possibly impact the children in the future. And as an added benefit, successful cooperation surrounding the children can reinforce a generalized commitment to collaboration as the divorce progresses.